Continuously Improving The Learner Experience

As part of her work as Associate Professor and her focus on infectious disease, Trang Trinh is heavily involved in teaching UCSF School of Pharmacy students about antibiotics and their use in treating bacterial diseases and infections. Part of her teaching responsibilities include vancomycin pharmacokinetics (PK). Teaching on how this antibiotic moves throughout the body has been challenging for students in the past and Dr. Trinh has applied for a grant that allows for the use of InsightRX, a more hand-on approach to teaching clinical PK principles. With this grant, Dr. Trinh will be able to determine the value of this tool to improve learning for UCSF students on a subject that has historically been difficult for many. 

In addition to her work as an Associate Professor, Dr. Trinh has also recently completed Lean training and is officially recognized as an UCSF Health Lean Champion. She joins an outstanding team of coaches and pharmacy leaders who have earned this distinction.  The Lean teach back program represents UCSF Health’s most intensive Lean and continuous improvement training program. Participants are evaluated on knowledge and comprehension of improvement principles. As a part of the evaluation, Dr. Trinh delivered three oral presentations, and demonstrated an exceptional grasp of improvement systems. Trang is leading the way in supporting and coaching improvement efforts across UCSF as the pharmacist lead for QI efforts, and the entire MOC team is excited to see the impact she makes!