Supporting Safe & Cost-Effective Medication Use
The Medication Outcomes Center is committed to supporting the safe and cost-effective use of pharmaceutical products through its Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee work.

Drug formulary development, management & identifying best practices

The Medication Outcomes Center (MOC) supports Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committees by preparing drug monographs, conducting medication use and outcomes assessments, and performing economic evaluations including comparative effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and budget impact analyses. The MOC work in this area has the overarching goal of informing evidence-based decision-making in drug formulary development and management, medication use policies, and best practices.

The MOC conducts thorough and standardized evidence-based evaluations to get the most value from available medications. Each evaluation is tailored to incorporate the following components:

  • Appraisal of clinical trials and post-marketing safety, efficacy and effectiveness data, and associated outcomes
  • Analysis of drug treatment costs and overall healthcare costs
  • Evaluation of therapeutic alternatives

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