Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, PhD, MS

Professor & Director, Medication Outcomes Center
Department of Clinical Pharmacy
+1 415 502-6029

A professor at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and the Director of the Medication Outcomes Center, Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio’s research focuses on improving patient outcomes while containing the cost of pharmaceutical treatments and services. As a health economist with 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical economics, policy and health outcomes research, she incorporates quantitative research methodologies to assess the effect of prescribing practices and drug utilization on patient safety and outcomes, and health care cost. In addition, Rosa devotes an important part of her research endeavors to evaluate the root causes, economic impact and adverse events associated with drug shortages. Her research interests also include applying economic evaluation models to inform evidence-based medication decision-making.

Rosa's teaching and mentoring goals are to support our students, residents and fellows professional development to integrate and apply pharmacoeconomic principles, methods and applications to inform clinical practice and efficient allocation of resources, and ultimately, to enhance patient care and health outcomes.



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